Dresden Files - Las Carcosas

From Winter Court to Court Bafoonery

So the day started with a trip to Arctis Tor, you know, that awful place in the Winter realm of fairy that you should never go? Well, there they met with Maeve to discuss her Knights unlawful conduct regarding their pre-arranged agreements. To both the parties and Winter's surprise, the Winter Knight has gone missing, so the meeting has been delayed.

Back at home, the party decided to sit in on Preston's court case, and noticed something off about one of the jury members. Jack opened his sight and recognized her as Lily, Preston's "pet" Succubus thing. The group arranged a plan to disrupt the court case, but Amy proceeded to set off the fire sprinklers instead, which post-poned the court case, but amongst the confusion Lily somehow managed to disguise herself as one of the security guards.

Kniowing that she's still in the station, the group arranged for Isogi's hacker acquantence "Barney" to hack the Police cameras and monitor the area to make sure that Preston doesn't try to escape. It took a hefty price and a favor from Isogi, but he finally agreed.



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