Dresden Files - Las Carcosas

From Winter Court to Court Bafoonery

So the day started with a trip to Arctis Tor, you know, that awful place in the Winter realm of fairy that you should never go? Well, there they met with Maeve to discuss her Knights unlawful conduct regarding their pre-arranged agreements. To both the parties and Winter's surprise, the Winter Knight has gone missing, so the meeting has been delayed.

Back at home, the party decided to sit in on Preston's court case, and noticed something off about one of the jury members. Jack opened his sight and recognized her as Lily, Preston's "pet" Succubus thing. The group arranged a plan to disrupt the court case, but Amy proceeded to set off the fire sprinklers instead, which post-poned the court case, but amongst the confusion Lily somehow managed to disguise herself as one of the security guards.

Kniowing that she's still in the station, the group arranged for Isogi's hacker acquantence "Barney" to hack the Police cameras and monitor the area to make sure that Preston doesn't try to escape. It took a hefty price and a favor from Isogi, but he finally agreed.

The Search Fo Sho.
And lots of panicking Yakuza.

Immediately following the confrontation with The Dragon, Isogi and Kearn decided to track down Sho, in fear that he might try to skip town.

They decide to start their search at the Industrial Park the local Yakuza had claimed as one of their bases. After casing the area, Isogi figures they are bunkering down instead of packing to leave.

Kearn leaned over to Isogi. "We should have gone to The Dragon's mansion, we could have stolen it."

"Where were you gonna put it? In your Utili-kilt?"

"…Occupied it."

After several failed attempts to sneak up on the place, the group came under fire by the Yakuza in the area. After a surprisingly short battle, the Yakuza grew surprisingly cooperative. They revealed that Sho is part of a major power play with The Dragon's recent fall, and that if he makes it to Japan he will take hold of the largest, most powerful branch of the Yakuza in Japan. They also gave them the locations and times of any flight that Sho might be likely to take, with one taking off in less then an hour.

The group got ahold of Brigid and arranged to meet at the airport. They successfully snuck into the airport, and instantly spotted Sho entering one of the planes. Brigid immediately lost it and hurdled a fireball at Sho, causing him to instantly catch fire. A fire fight soon broke out and after a well placed blast of fire to Sho's naughty bits, the remaining Yakuza in the area quickly backed down. The group took Sho and left.

Isogi called up a friend, Barney, to hack the airports security in order to clear their tracks. Immediately afterwards, they came under attack by Hanya, one of the hunters that was pursuing Isogi. After a short confrontation, the group bought the opening they needed to escape, and quickly retreated to Brigid's house.

Once there, they found Sho's computer, camera, and other things in Sho's bag, They managed to interrogate his password out of him, and learned that he not only had the video, but had also sent a copy to Beiste, the Winter Knight. Brigid contacted her Lady, requesting an audience to discuss the Winter Knight's actions. While Aurora said that fairy cannot act on what Sho has done to Brigid, they can use the information Sho has to gain an upper hand on Winter, and will set up an audeince for her.

The Story So Far
Let me explain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

It all started on a nice, peaceful day. Well, as peaceful as it gets in the mid-western California city of Las Carcosas.

Our heroes gathered at Tilvertons Book Store (I'll edit the name later, cause I forgot the name.) when Baron, a warden of the White Council, appeared in the shop. Not realizing the group at first, he was discussing some secret need with Tilverton, but noticed the group beofre he could say too much. He then left a message with Tilverton and took his leave. Tilverton read the note and sighed before asking the group for help. He had some personal matters that he needed to attend too, and asked the group if they could handle some White Council business for him. Seems there was some Black Magic afoot at a recent MMA match, and the fighters that were suspected are set to compete in Las Carcosas in a few days. The White Council asked Baron to look into the matter, but something is keeping him so busy that he needed Tilverton, who is no longer associated with the White Council, to have it looked into.

Just then, Preston Atlas, a local Mob Boss who Tilverton and Jack had quarreled with in the past, came through the door requesting books on earth magic. Tilverton then asked him to leave, partially because he doesn't like Atlas, but mostly cause he didn't have any books on the topic (Tilverton never turns down a sale).

The group decides the best way to investigate the fight is to get jobs working at the event itself. Kearn and Brigid easily get accepted as Security, Isogi is assigned Stage Manager (Despite having no training in the field, he just bullshited his way through the interview), Amelia is assigned as a Ring Girl (Having lied about her age) and Jack is assigned as the Referee so that he can be right up in the action and have a better chance with his Mystic Senses.

On their way out, the group is ambushed by Atlas' goons, who were actually a pair of Ghouls. It was a cute effort, but the team easily dispatched the pair of Ghouls and moved on with their day.

The day of the fight arrived. Everything was going well, especially for Amelia who put on such a legendary show (As in she rolled a damn Legendary) that she will be getting bombarded with job offers in similar fields for years to come. Jack hadn't noticed anything strange until the final match, when one of the contestants, Vera, was on the verge of losing, her opponent started acting strange, like she wasn't mentally there. Jack sensed black magic, and traced it's source to Vera's manager and trainer, Boris. Before Jack could formulate a plan, he felt a rush of magic and Vera's fist suddenly moved on it's own accord, crashing into her opponents skull with such force that the cracking of bones could be heard, both from her hand and her opponents now shattered skull.

There was a brief silence as everyone tried to comprehend what just happened. Amelia tried to step up and distract the crowd. However, this caused the other Ring Girl to think she was trying to steal the show, and she rushed in and tried to shove Amelia off the stage. Just then, a girl in the audience stood up and in one leap cleared the distance from her seat to the stage, landing between the two Ring Girls. Her Glamour instantly fell, and Amelia was shocked to see her older sister, Fallout (Can't remember her actual name at present…)

Before anyone could act, Fallout merely gazed into the other girls eyes. It was though madness gripped the poor girl instantly, and she began screaming and muttering incoherently in a matter of moments.

Not wanting to waste any time, Jack leaped forward and tried to punch Fallout with everything he had. Fallout effortlessly caught the punch. Despite Amelia's pleas, she retaliated by punching Jack into the audience, knocking him out instantly. Kearn and Brigid then stepped in to try to stop her while Isogi went to gather Jack and Amelia struggled to come up with a plan. 

Brigid lunged at Fallout, only to find herself locked in an armbar. With a twist of her hips Brigid felt her shoulder come loose of the socket, and felt a wave of sensations fill her all at the same time. Kearn came to his cousins defense, but Brigid succumbed to the pain and collapsed on the floor.

Boris led Vera from the building in the confusion. And just as Fallout was preparing to strike at Kearn, a young Spider-Man wanna-be, costume and all, swung onto the stage. The two kept her distracted long enough for Isogi to secure an exit, just as Fallout struck down Kearn and the newcomer, whom Isogi also collected onto his cart. Isogi managed to avoid detection this whole time, and managed to get them to safety.

Just as Fallout was turning to face her sister, the roof above them crumbled and their mother, dressed in her own superhero attire, landed between them. Stunned by her sudden entrance, Fallout chose to retreat without a word. After some words of concern, her Mother took her leave as well, promising Amelia that she won't interfere with what she's doing, but expressed her wish that she return home to them soon.

I'll continue this later, lot's of notes to go through…

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